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Hey guys!  As promised, here’s a 500 word sneak peek from “Hunter – Eye In the Storm”.  I warned some of you, the sneak peeks will be getting shorter as the book proceeds.  Giving away the story before-hand just wouldn’t be any fun, now would it?  These sneak peeks will be specially selected to lots of fun, but not reveal too much of the story.  This one should answer some questions a certain reader is just dying to know, specifically, questions about the magic of “Hunter’s” world.  So, dive in and have fun!

In consideration of certain people who might like to save reading this until a later date, it’s hidden.  Just click “continue reading” to reveal the sneak peek.  Thanks.

Storm-warped predators aren’t just fast and mean. They’re also hyper-territorial and super smart. You say out of their way and they’ll stay out of yours. Unfortunately, most of the time, ‘in their way’ means within sight, smell, or earshot. And they can see, smell, and hear a lot further away than any human.

Drop a beastie like that in a crowd, miles away from town, the only people that escape are the ones it didn’t notice. If it didn’t see them, they never got a chance to lay eyes on it. Which leaves us Hunter’s with a problem: if nobody got a look at it, we can’t Hunt it. Not years later, anyway.

“Why not bore a small hole through the cage and drop a flare or something of the kind through? It wouldn’t be perfect, but it’d be a lot better than nothing.”

She shakes her head and gestures to one of the men trailing behind us.

“He’s a magician, of sorts. Not strong enough to do much of anything, but he says that box is as close to perfect as anyone can make it. Apparently breaking even a tiny part of it will destroy the integrity of the magic-steel alloy it’s made from.”

I blink at her for a minute, holding the door to the office open. She steps inside and I follow. By some freak of chance, the door closes faster than normal, slamming shut on one of her men. He hops around for a moment, holding his knee. Divide and conquer; maybe Keenan isn’t planning any double-cross, but limiting her ability to chase me down in the event that she does is just good sense.

“Sorry about that, mate. Okay, Keenan, you’re saying breaking a hole in this cage would be like exposing a steel knife to high heat; it destroys the temper of the carbon-iron alloy, making it softer?”

Keenan watches her man jump up and down for a bit, looking less and less impressed every minute.

“Johns. Sit down, before I finish what our childish guest started and knock you out.”

That was rude. Childish? It was a carefully planned minimization of the enemy’s mobile capacity. That takes more than normal mental capacity. I’ll admit it was fun, though.

“Yes, Hunter, that’s about what would happen, according to my magician. Except, from the way he describes it, it would be a little more like poking a balloon with a needle. The balloon suddenly can’t keep the stuff inside from getting out and the air blows the balloon to pieces. Since we don’t have air in that box…”

She’s got a good point. The memory of those claws slashing out of the darkness behind the window of the cage springs to mind. Judging from the scars the beastie left on the glass, if the materials didn’t heal on their own, that cage wouldn’t be able to hold. Playing around with the integrity of a magical alloy doesn’t seem like a good idea.

Which, of course, means that the urge to turn around and go put a hole in the cage is just about irresistible.

That’s all for now, but keep a lookout for new stuff.  There’ll be more sneak peeks soon and I have at least two short stories in the works right now.  If you have to read more IMMEDIATELY…. take a peek at the library

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