Twicebound: Chapter 14 – Part 2


The vet stitched the incision on Armelle’s bicep closed, then dabbed at it with a disinfectant swab.

“You’re good to go.  Will you please tell your sinister friend there to put down the gun?”

Armelle turned a questioning eye on Vančura, but the big man shook his head microscopically.  The revolver remained where it was, unwaveringly trained on the veterinarian’s third jacket button.  The vet sighed and tossed down the swab on the tray next to the three computer chips.

“Fine.  So, what do you want me to do with these?”

After sliding off the table and putting her coat back on, Armelle shrugged.

“Whatever you want.  It won’t make much difference in a few hours.”

The vet gave her a strange look, but kept his mouth shut.  Vančura, however, stepped forward and gathered up the chips, slipping them into his pocket without lowering the pistol.

“Let’s go.”

Armelle frowned, but grabbed Eddie’s arm and towed him out the door.  With a slight nod to the vet, Vančura backed away, only dropping the pistol after the spring-loaded door had swung shut behind him.  Gravel crunched as he made his way to the truck and slid in beside Eddie.  The engine was already running and Armelle kicked it into gear as soon as his boots left the ground.

“What was that all about?”

He turned a neutral expression on her.

“Could you guarantee me the time-travel would erase the events at the veterinary clinic?  Mathematically speaking.”

She winced and turned onto the main highway.

“You can’t guarantee anything in the real world, not in a mathematical sense.”

Vančura nodded and pulled the chips out of his pocket.  He waited a few moments, then rolled down the window and tossed them into the slow moving water of a drainage ditch.

“It’s time-travel, Armelle, not a computer simulation.  You can’t predict anything accurately; there’s no way to be sure that we can wipe out past events, even if we go back in time and keep ourselves from going through the knothole.”

She didn’t reply, but Eddie propped his feet up on the dashboard and closed his eyes with a self-satisfied grin.

“Can’t take no chances wid time.”

End Chapter  14 – Part 2
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4 thoughts on “Twicebound: Chapter 14 – Part 2

  1. Chesshire

    Seems like Eddie is getting the hang of time travel and on top of that he likes it!

    • The fool! He has not yet glimpsed my master plan for him! *wahahahahahahahaha*

  2. The EPA’s gonna have a fit about those poisoned chips… 😀 ‘Nother excellent installment!

    • Yeah, probably. Fortunately, the time travel aspect should help with that problem… 😀

      Thank you. 😉

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