40K sneak peek

As promised, Hunter readers, here is a yet another sneak peek.  This one is in honor of the full-novel “Eye in the Storm” reaching 40,000 words.  As some of you know, the sneak peeks will be getting shorter as the novel progresses, so as not to give away the plot.  This one is somewhere around 250+ words;  I know it’s not much, but hopefully it will whet your interest in the book. 


Scene from Chapter 15 of “Eye in the Storm”

The rattle-crack of gunfire comes from the same place the contained-pressure blast went off. A chuckle floats off into the night as I head towards the sound and lightning-fast flashes of light. Hunters like to carry big, heavy weaponry like shotguns and elephant rifles. Some of us, however, like automatic rifles; nice, high rate-of-fire, but smaller bullets. Not a good thing when you need to stop a lot of Storm-warped beasties in a hurry. Fortunately for me, I carry a very large shotgun. It’s also fortunate for the missing guys.

The sounds coming from ahead of me aren’t what I’ve been expecting. Gun-fire yes, shouting… yes. Very loud, very non-musical music coming from the same direction, no. Judging from the number yips and squalls, a fair number of shots are finding targets, but I’ll bet the only thing keeping the packs at bay is the booming radio. Nothing wants to get closer to a speaker that’s thundering out that sort of thing. The impulse to help Keenan’s guys is quickly being overridden by the urge to throw myself to the coyotes and ask them to make it quick.

My first shot is another flare round into the sky; the second is buckshot, straight to the radio. The racket dies away and I spend the next few minutes handing out autographs to the coyotes. With the pleasantries over with, we go back to trying to kill each other. The flare-light illuminates the battle-ground, startling the Hunters, and causing several of the snarling animals around them to disappear into the darkness.

Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed it!  That’s all for now, but keep an eye out.  If you have to read more NOW…. check out the library.

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