60K Sneak Peek!

I have to admit, I’ve been somewhat slack on the blog post front.  And I’m sorry.  Or am I?  Well, technically, it’s a little of both.  I’m sorry there haven’t been more posts, but I’m not sorry because the post-writing time and energy has been devoted to “Hunter – Eye in the Storm”.  (And yes, to school, too, Mom.  That was a given.)  Those of you who love Hunter will forgive me the lack posts, since it means you get the next sneak peek.  Here’s to the 60K peek!

*This one’s going to be a little longer this time.  The first part of Chapter 23 was interesting, without giving away any of the plot, so I decided to give ya’ll a good long excerpt (451 words, technically)*

Hunter – Eye in the Storm, Chapter 23

My jobs are usually solo for a reason. Partners cut into the profits. Another reason is that when a client wants you to take someone else along, there’s a good chance ulterior motives are lurking somewhere. That sort of thing can mess up a Hunt faster than I can shoot the problem.

The case in point; Keenan’s story. Technically, it’s Bennet’s story too, but since she did most of the shooting and he did most of the messing it up, we’ll say it’s Keenan’s.

“So, after you took the job and he persuaded you to let him go along?”

She frowns, casting her memory back.

“We hired a cargo plan to Nepal, then trekked north into the Himalayas. Took us about six weeks to catch one of the little rascals. Yeti, my eye; did some research after I got back from that trip. Turns out there was a zoo somewhere in Bangladesh. It got an albino mountain gorilla right before the Storm broke; the news was full of it for a few weeks.”

“Keenan, you’re rambling.”

To my surprise, and Keenan’s annoyance, Bennet interrupts.

“Actually, she’s not. It seems the animal escaped the zoo and headed into the mountains with a few others. Wouldn’t be relevant, except some of the people there remembered something about a yeti. Thirty years turned that gorilla into some sort of local deity. Getting out of there with the creature in tow was a little harder than we anticipated.”

Keenan laughs at that.

“A little harder. What he means is, we got pinned down in the foothills by a lot of really angry Nepalese. Ugly situation. He had to double my fee to keep me from throwing him and the gorilla to them and making a run for it when the festivities started.”

Bennet makes an ugly noise in the back of his throat.

“Humph. I had no intention of attending as the main event at the sort of festival that results when hostile natives catch the man who stole the local god. But you practically robbed me. That extra hundred thousand was my profit out of the deal!”

For a second it looks like I in going to have to keep Keenan from testing her boxing lessons on him. Then she smirks at him.

“Robbed, huh? It was a choice between both of us not living to spend out money and both of us surviving, in slightly less than equal circumstances. I notice you survived, even if you did have you throw your pocket-book to the metaphorical wolves.”

That deserves a chuckle. I just can’t help myself; punching him in the ego probably did more damage than she could ever have done with her fists.


Well, I hope you enjoyed that!  Just so you know, the novel is currently at 60,760 words, which is within -+20K of my goal.  If you cannot WAIT for some more Hunter, check out the Library for some of his short stories.  If you’ve already perused those… keep an eye on here; I should be hitting 70K pretty soon, which means you’ll be getting another sneak peek.  You can keep track of my progress here.

G’day, mates!

5 thoughts on “60K Sneak Peek!

  1. G’day! Those are some cool supporting characters. 🙂 Since Hunter does, indeed, work solo most of the time, it’s interesting to see how he interacts with other people.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. 🙂 If you like Keenan (and Bennet, the jerk) you should have fun with the full novel. It’s going to be a real zinger!

  2. Squid

    “Punching him in the ego probably did more damage than she could ever have done with her fists” – That sounds suspiciously like someone I know. 🙂 I really like this excerpt.

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