A short introduction

To any first time readers:

Welcome to my story-teller’s page.  To begin with, I’ll introduce myself.

My name is Michael Gunter, which you probably gathered from the website title.  I’m a writer, a writer of novels, short stories, etc.  Most of these stories are in the high and epic fantasy genres, but it’s not unusual for me to branch out into others.   I’ve even made forays into action/thrillers, though that’s not my favorite genre to write.

I have published some of my work on the amateur author’s site “Figment” but everything  there will appear on here as well.

I intend to post a good number of short stories and novellas on this blog, as well as to keep a record of my writing experiences.  I’m also really hoping that my readers will leave questions in the comments.  I’m not a professional author, though I do write a great deal, so I can answer a few questions about being a writer.  Mostly, I can complain about how hard it is.

If you are interested in stories, written to be read, please, follow me and keep an eye on my work.



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