Arkansas Traveler

Hello chaps (and chappesses)!  Didn’t think I was going to be within range of an internet connection, but it turns out that the hotel DOES have internet and Dad brought his iPad.  So, here’s a post written in Arkansas.  We come up here for a bit of a vacation every once in a while and it’s pretty nice, specially in the spring.  

Yesterday, we went to the horse races (I lost the four dollars I wagered) and let me tell you, talk about food for writers!  Snorting horses, fine, sleek beasts, with the heavy-set handling horses walking beside them, completely unconcerned by the crowd.  For anyone who likes horses, it’s not a thing to miss.  The spectacle is also quite fascinating.  The handlers and jockeys walk the race-horses past the crowd, usually twice, and you would almost say the horses enjoy the showing off.

Today, we’re going on a zip-line ride, which should be quite inspiring.  I’m already thinking of some sort of science fiction world, where the main form of traveling is over tall, thick forests, on massive zip-line like contraptions.  All very cool.

On a slightly more immediate aspect of writing, those who liked ‘Hunter-Of Pockets and Arachnids’ will be happy to hear that I’m working on another short story about Hunter.  And, shock of shocks, it’s being written in a notebook!  My typewriter is too bulky to haul around, so you notebook fans can have the satisfaction of knowing that some of your arguments are based on good, solid facts.  

So long for now, chaps, no time for more!

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