Good Book, Great Book

Good books abound.  They’re all over the place, scattered thither and yon like leaves in the fall.  Writing a good book is hard work; it’s a long slog through drafts, edits, revisions, and cutting.  But writing a good book isn’t an esoteric process, carefully guarded by some mysterious order of monks for thousands of years. […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Three – Part Three

“How can time not pass, Vančura?  It’s not like humans have just been wrong about time since we first thought about it!” The big man laughed at Benwright. “Really?  We spent millennia thinking disease was caused by devils or bad air.  Until the 1700s, everyone who tried to fly did it by strapping wings to […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Three – Part Two

“That’s not really an answer, Vančura.  Here’s the deal; you tell Benwright what he needs to know to fix the STAd.  Call it a way to prove you’re playing fair with us.  If it works, we’ll let you aboard the Sandglass program, in an advisory capacity.” Bosze leaned back in his chair and folded his […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Three – Part One

“I’m hungry.” Eddie stared at Vančura, a matter-of-fact expression on his face, obviously expecting the big man to do something about the problem.  Armelle rolled her eyes, then blinked thoughtfully. “You know, I’m starving, too. It’s been a while since we ate.” With a gesture to the far door, Vančura started off. “It has been […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Two – Part Three

Eddie had gotten as close as he could to the display and was studying the photo intently. “I thought y’said y’got Benwright and d’Colonel ta trust you. If’n dat’s so, how’d he ennup in a truck in China?” “I also said that neither of them saw the attack coming.  Bosze’s superiors were furious when he […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Two – Part Two

“Okay, half a dozen time-travel machines is  a bad thing, I get it.  What exactly does that have to do with us, though?  Isn’t the whole plan for us to go back in time and prevent the first one from being built at all?” Vančura nodded, but didn’t reply.  He just folded his arms and […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Two – Part One

Vančura accepted a cup of black coffee from Bosze, then leaned back in his chair contentedly. “It seems the STAd is much more durable than you give it credit for.  I don’t know if it’s the mathematics or the materials, but it will keep working long after theory says it should have failed catastrophically.” He […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty One – Part Three

“Colonel, you do not have a choice.  It’s that simple.  I know more about the Sandglass program than you do and probably more than even Benwright does.  You’ve sent me through that anomaly so many times it’s become blasé and I’ve kept my eyes open each trip.  You and the technician here are practically old […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty One – Part Two

“Why didn’t you come after us?” Vančura shook his head and glanced up at the wall display. “They caught me just as you went through.  It was all I could manage to get the two of you into the STAd before they shut it down.  And of course, later on, when I could have gone […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty One – Part One

  Eddie and Armelle watched Benwright disappear down the hall, then glanced at each other. “Awfu’ helpful, ain’t he?’ Armelle scowled, then nodded at the double doors. “Might as well see what Vančura has been up to all this time.  Maybe he’ll be a little more forthcoming.” She shoved one of the door and it […]