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A certain young lady, who’s guest-posted here, has a blog of her own.  She’s a fellow writer, as you know, and I read her posts regularly.  Yesterday, she wrote an article that was both succinct and very, very truthful.  Everything in it needed to be said.  So, today, it appears as a re-blog on here. 


YA Publication Submission Guidelines

– post by Allison the Writer

The following is a one item of criteria in the YA book submission guidelines of a publishing company, which I shall not name for the sake of politeness:

An age-appropriate romantic element, even if it’s not the main focus of the story

Seriously?  I’m not trying to impose my prudishness on anybody; it’s just that I find it strange that there’s a presumption that teens really want their books to have a romantic angle to them…….129 more words

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