Because the world needed him

Nope, it’s not as serious as the title sounds. 

I got to thinking the other day.  Why did I create Hunter?  Well, the original version of him was much darker, physically scarred from his job, and tougher than nails.  Only one of those qualities survived in the version of him that I finally decided was perfect.  Tougher than nails.

He’s tough, a smart-mouth, clever, and frankly, pretty funny.  In urban fantasy (and a lot of other genres) there is a predominance of tough, capable characters…. but for the most part, they’re dark, wounded, or just dour.  Humor isn’t rare, but it’s usually from the surroundings, from the plot.  Occasionally, the main character will have a quippy conversation with other characters. 

But where are the clever, tough, incessantly funny Main Characters?  Why does most of the “funny” come from secondary characters?  Why does the MC need to a dark, grim person?  This needs fixing.  I like a humorous story.  I particularly like one that’s actually serious, dangerous, and grim, with characters whose wit and charm carry them through.  (usually in one piece) Unfortunately, there aren’t too many of these.

So… I created one.  Funny: almost always.  Serious:  I’ll die first!  Capable: Yep.  Danger: Definitely. Good plots: got ’em.  So goofy you can’t take the story seriously: nope.  Hunter….  all the humor comes from the character.  Even in the grimmest situation, he survives it with a wry quip and a shot-gun that protects him when his snarky comments go too far.

As I’ve said before: I created him because the world really did need a smart mouth wearing a trench-coat.   Especially if he’s the Main Character. 

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