Big news!

Alright, guys, having released “Hunter – Where Anglers Fear To Tread” on Thursday, I can finally tell you about the newest, most exciting project.

After a fair bit of deliberation, I decided to begin writing a full length “Hunter” novel.  It’s been kept “under wraps” for the last two weeks, since I didn’t want it to get in the way of the release of “Where Anglers Fear To Tread”.

Making the decision to write a full-length “Hunter” was an interesting process, mostly because they have always been short stories. Before “Hunter” was fleshed out in “Of Pockets and Arachnids“, I had started several full-novels, based around the same general idea. They varied in specific genre, attitude, and style.

Those ideas were condensed and modified into the “Hunter” we all know and sometimes love. After four completed short stories and failed starts, I decided that I know the “Hunter” world and character well enough to write a full novel.

“Hunter – Eye In The Storm” is in full swing, only ignored for the sake of intermittent work on another short story. “Eye In The Storm” hit 5,200 words last night, in the middle of a very interesting scene. All you get to know for now is this: the Hunter is in the middle of a very nasty situation involving other Hunters, thieves, and a large pile of cash. And he doesn’t even know it yet.

I asked my alpha reader to write out what she thought of it so far. To quote some of her response;

“Eye in the Storm is …… shaping up to be a highly interesting take on the already established post-apocalyptic world …… also peels back another layer of Hunter’s resourceful personality, showing …… a facet of his personality I’ve always been rather curious to see …… With its eclectic cast and fascinating urban fantasy backdrop, Eye in the Storm promises to answer quite a few questions for Hunter fans….”

That should hone your literary appetite!  That’s all for now, but I can assure you, there’s more on its way.  Stay “tuned” for sneak peeks, not-included-in-final-draft scenes, and beta readers’ impressions!

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