Can you spare a review?

Reviews.  Yep, we need ’em.  And by “we” I mean we authors.  Today’s world is a high tech one, where anyone can easily leave a review of a book on Amazon, Goodreads, or an author’s website.  Since it’s so easy, reviews are essentially the public’s way of voting on books.

They’re also one of the main factors in whether people decide to read the book.  More bad reviews than good?  Eh, pass.  Not a bad review in sight?  Place the order, quick!

Unfortunately, the number of people who actually review a book is very low, compared to the number who read it.  Some authors might consider it catastrophically low.  I’m one of those authors.  Since I’m self-published (free self-publishing via my own blog) word of mouth and reviews are vital to getting new readers.


Sure, raving fan comments are lovely, be they in emails, via Twitter, or the blog’s comment section.  But it’s not quite the same, especially to the prospective reader.  Comments (bad or good) aren’t the same as reviews.  Reviews are in-depth opinions and thoughts on the book, usually covering enjoyment, good points, bad points, and recommendation to other readers.

Want to make an up-and-coming author’s day?  Review their book in a public place.  Any author will be supremely grateful for a good review.  (or even a neutral review)  For a new and obscure author, your review will probably be the best thing that happens all week.

You’re still sitting there?  Go find that last book you were crazy about and give it a review!

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