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Hello, guys.  Today, you get to read a post by a distinguished guest.  A long-time friend of mine, Claire Banschbach, recently published her first book and is now an “official” author.  Having had the honor of reading the first book (and numerous 1st drafts) from her, I can safely say I consider her work “hot stuff”.  Keep an eye on her and her work. 

Howdy!  Y’all have the privilege of reading my first ever blog post.  So bear with me here.  Let me just start by saying I’ve known our mutual acquaintance for a number of years and had the opportunity to reconnect recently over a few of our favorite topics: fantasy and writing.  So blame him if this post is not all you hoped it would be.  🙂

A bit about me: I’m a newly published author.  I’m still in college and not majoring in what you’d think.  I’m a Kinesiology major.  For you peeps out there who don’t know what that is, it’s essentially muscle science.  So, yes, I get some eyebrow raises when I tell people that.  “And you wrote a book?” is usually what I get in response.  

Anywho, for my post today, I thought I’d share some of my struggles as a young author.  I write as a hobby and for a few years no one knew about my hobby except two of my sisters.  I wrote a story, “The Rise of Aredor,” a fantasy novel in which the main character must fight to find his way back home, find his family, and free his homeland.  I was always a little embarrassed to tell people that I liked to write stories, because, let’s be honest, we all know what high school can be like.  So, I never really told anyone and downplayed my deep and abiding love for all things fantasy or science fiction.  One day, on a whim, I decided to submit my story to a publisher.  Fortunately for me, it worked.  But now the real work begins.  

I now have to talk about my book.  It was extraordinarily tough to talk about my book with anyone, even other members of my family.  But once you get out there, people are genuinely interested and supportive once they hear you’ve published a book.  They might not even like the genre but they think it’s too cool what you’ve accomplished,especially still being so young.  You don’t even have to be published.  People still respect the fact that you like writing stories.  

The next challenge is getting feedback.  We all hate the editing process.  That’s always rough.  You think you’re prepared for anything after a tough round of editing, but not necessarily.  You have to deal with other critics.  As reviews start to come in I find that not everyone likes my book as much as my family or friends.  Granted, I haven’t gotten a review back that completely slams the story, but it’s hard to hear someone nitpick a little. It’s even worse than talking to people!  But everyone has their own opinion and that makes the world go round, doesn’t it? 

So, in summation, to all you young writers out there- don’t be afraid of writing.  Find the people who will support you.  Sure they might all be online, but who cares?  It’s a community and it’s great to have a few people behind you who believe in your writing.  Or who will tell you when it sucks and you really need to get the plot moving again…

Never thought I’d be so long-winded, did you? Good luck to y’all and keep writing!! 

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