I have a typewriter.  Well, two of them.  Most of you know this.  Most of you also know that I love my typewriters.  Unfortunately, typewriters are rather loud by their very nature.  Steel stamps slamming into a hard rubber platen (cylindrical roller) make a lot of noise, especially when you’re typing good and fast.

All of this means that when I want to write late at night, anyone else in the house will be woken up by the clickety-clack of typewriter keys.  Not a recipe for prolonged survival on my part, which might explain why I never do it.  So, I have to write on the PC.  This causes problems when I work on the same story on both PC and typewriter.  Basically, the two copies get all confused.

So, I’m starting a new ‘Hunter’ short story to work on when I can’t use my typewriter.  (Now for the exciting part!)  The name of the short story is “Hunter – Rock the Boat”.  Basic plot; Hunter gets hired to go a’Hunting aboard an abandoned super-freighter in the middle of the ocean.

And it’s a contest!  To enter the contest, think up a beastie for Hunter to stalk (or be stalked by) aboard the ocean-going vessel and send it to me.  I’ll choose the one I like best and use it in the story (with any necessary modifications to make the beastie fit the story).

The winner gets three things:  1. Your beastie used in the story (obviously).  2. To read the story before it becomes officially available on the blog.  3. A copy of the manuscript, signed by me, along with a print of the cover-art, signed by the artist.

Come on and enter your beastie!  Send it to me via a comment, Twitter, or email (michaelaGunter3@hotmail-dot-com)



7 thoughts on “Contest!

  1. Squid

    Beastie: Thermophilic coral. Grow at an amazing rate of speed. Sense heat. They grab any living things within reach and absorb them to sustain growth.

  2. Here’s a “beastie” that’s been living in my imagination for some time without a good story to call home – I call it the Hair Monster. He’s what happens when people comb or trim their hair over the bathroom sink and let whatever falls off just go down the drain. The logical explanation for why this is highly irresponsible is that this clogs the drain. But there’s another reason….

    Legend says, there’s an evil, roaming spirit lurks inside the bathroom drainpipes. Over time, it takes on a physical form made entirely of the gunk that goes down the drain. And it grows in size as more hapless people trim their beards and brush their long hair and provide more building material for the monster to use.

    Being a spiritual being has its perks, such as never needing to eat or sleep. Once the Hair Monster takes on its physical form, however, the first thing it does is get very, very hungry…. Who knows when, where, or WHO it will strike first!

    • ROTFL. Hahahahahaha. I dunno if that fits the “Hunter” world, but man, does it sound downright scary. XD

      • It did occur to me around the time I’d written “The Truth about Hamsters,” so it was more of an absurd humor idea for a story of that caliber. 😀

  3. Christopher

    Storm- Warped Horny Toads that shoot acid from their eyes instead of blood, and they’re twice as big as a cat.

    • Squid

      Ooh, I like it, Christopher! Blood shooting from their eyes would be bad enough but acid? That stings like the dickens. 🙂

  4. Mad

    Scratch the ”Storm-Warped rats”, I had a brain storm last night.

    A Storm-Warped Komodo Dragon that eats anything that looks tasty and has a bad temper. But of course, still has all the dangerous qualities of it’s species, they’re just multiplied times three.

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