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Alrighty, gents and ladies; the contest for the new ‘Hunter’ short story has yet to end, but I have determined an ending date for it.  It will officially close at 8:00 PM, August 1st.  (That’s next Friday, for those of use who are calendarily challenged)  If you come up with an idea for an entry that you just HAVE to tell me about, I’ll still consider your request for 24 hrs after that, but it had better be a really good idea.


To give you a bit of an idea of what you’ll get if your entry should win:


This was a sketch made several months ago.  The cover art will look something like this.

If your entry wins, you will receive the cover art from the new story (not created yet) signed by both me and the talented artist who does my covers.  You’ll also get a copy of the manuscript, so you can read the story before it becomes publicly available.

Want to enter?  Check out the original contest post and give it a whirl!

One thought on “Contest: ongoing

  1. Lars

    A lynx or ocelot. Storm-warped of course, so that it can crawl up walls and ceilings and things. That would be down-right creepy.

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