Contest: Over

Okay.  Take a deep breath…  the “Suggest a Creature” contest is over.  Technically, it was over Friday night, so this post is a little late.  However, that’s beside the point.  Well, maybe it’s not.  It’s overdue because….. this was me yesterday.

asleepOkay, it WASN’T me, but it’s who I wanted to be.  Sound asleep.

Anyway, enough with the excuses!  Gotta close the contest.

Oddly enough, very few of the entries were related to the sea-going to story the contest cited.  That could be a direct result of certain… people… (read that “siblings”) failing to read the contest post thoroughly.  Not that it’s a problem.  All entries were quite interesting and were not limited to what most people think of as “animals”.  I got everything from Storm-warped coral to Storm-warped pathogens.  Wow.

I can’t put an official date on the delivery of the short story, but I’m planning to have it done by the end of August.  It could be sooner, but that would require dropping work on the “Hunter” novel and nobody wants that, right?  Right.

This is probably going to get me lynched by members of my own family, but I’m not going to announce the winner of the contest until I finish the short story.  That way, anyone who entered a suggestion gets to wait in horrible anticipation until the end of the month.  (cue villainous laughter in the background)  With any luck, it will also help the winner survive until the end of the month.  I’d hate to have said winner “removed from the picture” by someone hoping to get the story that much sooner.

So, one of you lucky people (remember, luck is a matter of perspective) will be getting an email sometime this month, informing you of three things:

a.  Your beastie will be featuring in a “Hunter” short story.

b.  You get to read it before ANYONE else.

c.  You also get a double-signed copy of the short story cover art.  (if the artist turns out to be the winner…. well, you still get a copy, even if you did do the art)

3 thoughts on “Contest: Over

  1. Squid


  2. Mad

    Yah, talk about suspense I wonder if I’m gonna be able to sleep at night 😉

    • Mad

      Your unfinished book is probably the only thing keeping you from getting lynched right now; we wouldn’t want you to stop half way through your book ;). You might want to carry around a weapon when you finish it ;).

      But hopefully for you, we will be too excited about you picking the winner that you’ll be in the middle of your next book :).

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