Cue the Crushing Rejection

Today, I got the email from Clarkesworld, responding to my submission of “Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me”.  In two words; no dice.  Darn.  It’s time to sigh dejectedly and complain to everyone in ear-shot.

Mope.  Mope.  Mope.

Okay, I’m all done!  What next? Hm……..Clarkesworld seemed like a good fit, at first, but on closer inspection, they seem to publish stories that are a lot darker than my usual turn-out.  Asimov’s seems to run a little less so, so I may try them next.  Unfortunately, the magazine sci-fi today seems to all be trending towards darker tales.  My sci-fi can be dark on occasion, but not as a whole.

The Hunter tales have a decidedly post-apocalyptic undertone, but it’s carefully hidden by Hunter’s light-hearted narration.  As a matter of fact, it sounds a great deal like the sci-fi of the 30’s and 40’s that you might find on Project Gutenberg or Amazon ebook copies of old magazines.

Well, I’m going to keep looking.  My personal preference would be Amazon’s Kindle Singles, but Hunter isn’t quite long enough to really fit their parameters. (even though said parameters are fairly flexible)  I’ll probably work on a story for the Kindle Singles, but Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me isn’t it.

Time to mush on!  Write, Gunter, write!  You’ll never know if you don’t try!  (insert more encouraging speechifying here, someone)  One rejection isn’t nearly enough to bother me, so it’s on to the next possibility.  (two might hurt a bit, though)  In any eventuality, you guys will be seeing new Hunter stories, regardless of who publishes them.

One thing I’d like to ask: does anyone know any magazines that might take fare of the Hunter genre?  If you’re not sure what Hunter sounds like, check out the story that’s in the Library.  Please comment!

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