Dragon Rider


It seems to inspire a lot of beginning writers.  I, personally, listen to a lot of Irish and Instrumental music when I write.  But recently, a comment by a friend led me to the music studio “Two Steps from Hell“. 

The name sounds iffy at first, until you realize that they write “epic” music for movies.  Then the name sort of suggests a hero standing on the edge of a precipice opening onto Hades.  They are really, really good.  And my favorite piece is “Dragon Rider“.

Awesome piece of music, just incredible.  I must write around half of my battle scenes while listening to Dragon Rider. 

Now, how many of us write to music?  I do.  Most of my friends do.  It seems the logical thing to do, when you are writing.  Music stimulates the imagination, creates whole new worlds for you to write.  When I hear Dragon Rider, I don’t think of the popular dragon movies or books.  I think of writing my own dragon series. 

When I hear some of my favorite Irish pieces, they remind me of men fighting for the ability to lead their own lives.  When I hear one of my favorite Instrumental Rock pieces, I think of rolling seas and ships.  Then, I usually start writing.

How bout you?  If you’re stuck on a tough part of your book, writer’s block hampering your every word…………..pick up a CD.  Turn on the radio.  Open one of the numerous internet music sites.  Music’s charms cut through a lot of stumbling blocks.

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