Fan Art Contest Winners!!

Alrighty, people!  Time to announce the winners for the “Hunter Fan Art Contest”!!  The judges have spoken, the prizes are ready, and the artwork…  well, guys, it’s Hunter; for the most part, the artwork is terrifying.  (and mis-leadingly cute, in one case)

1st Place


Stephanie Gregory’s
Angler-fish from “Where Anglers Fear to Tread”
won first place as ‘Judges’ Favorite’.  To quote one of the judges the art medium made her “feel like I’m watching it underwater.”

Well done, Stephanie!  Looking at this artwork, I’m currently glad I was just the author and not ‘Hunter’.  That angler looks appropriately cranky and hungry.

The 1st Prize, a page from one of Hunter’s hunt journals will be in the mail with the morning tide. (okay, morning mail).  Other portion of the prize – pre-release access to ‘Hunter – Rock the Boat’ – will be emailed to you within the next week.

2nd Prize

contest LarsLauren Gunter’s
Piranha-Lizard from “Where Anglers Fear to Tread”won second place, voted ‘Closest to the Book’.  This entry had a chance at taking 1st Prize:  the judges were completely taken in by the lizard’s ‘cuteness’.  Note that the artist wisely chose to sketch the creature with its teeth hidden.

Lauren, your bookmark and leather cover will be in the mail tomorrow.  As for the pre-release access to “Hunter – Eye in the Storm”, that is on it’s way as well!

Honorable Mention
Pyre Ant

Chessi Gunter’s
Pyre-Ant from “Of Pockets and Arachnids”would be the author’s choice (had I not prudently been excluded from the judges’ panel)  The Pyre-Ant has always been one of my favorite beasties from the Hunter stories and this one looks disturbingly realistic.

Many thanks to Nathalie LondonNate Philbrick, and Allison Rose for judging this contest and on such short notice!  I much appreciate it and suggest that you check their sites out immediately.

6 thoughts on “Fan Art Contest Winners!!

  1. Aerin

    As someone who tried and failed to produce fanart for this, I have to say: these are fantastic. I love all the entries. but the lizard……oooh. dang. right on the nose. absolutely perfect. 🙂

    • They’re all pretty cool, aren’t they? 😀 And that lizard… personally, the fish looks more trustworthy. At least HIS appearance isn’t misleading!

  2. Chesshire

    Congratulations Ms. Stephanie! Super drawing. Is it pastel?

    • Thanks everyone for the congratulations!! In answer to the question sent in by CHESSHIRE, my drawing is a mix of charcoal and soft pastels!! 🙂

  3. Mad . Gunter

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch (congratulations) Lauren, Chessi and Ms. Stephanie!
    All of the drawings are amazing !

  4. Wow, that is awesome artwork right there! Nice job!!

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