First Draft Done: Thundercrest

I. Am.  Done.  With.  Thundercrest.

Best words I’ve written this week.

I’ve been working on it for a while now, but the story’s on paper at last.  The rest is editing and that’s not too hard. “Thundercrest” was hard, for a new reason: it’s the first story I’ve written that I got half-way through and began struggling to keep the plot rolling.

Fortunately, I broke through the writer’s block and hammered out a good story. (I hope!)  Beta-readers are perusing it as we speak.  Well, as you read, I guess.  You’ll be getting the obligatory new novel sneak peek VERY soon, as well.

One really cool thing about the timing is that the artist I hired to do the cover art finished the front cover at almost the same time I put the last words on the story!

This was the placeholder graphic I slapped together when I first started writing “Thundercrest.


What’s the completed cover look like, you ask?


You’ll have to wait and see: the cover reveal is next week!!!

One thought on “First Draft Done: Thundercrest

  1. Chesshire

    Whoohooo! Way ta’ go!

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