First story submitted

Well, it’s done.  I’ve made my first serious submission.  I’ve done it before, in contests and things of that sort, but this is the first time I’ve submitted a story to a serious magazine.

“Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me” went to Clarkesworld magazine this morning.  Apparently, a response should be forthcoming anywhere between two days and two weeks.  I’ll be betting on the latter.

Anyone who helped me with “Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me”, thanks very much.  I do believe it may be the best story I’ve written yet.  To those of you who “helped” by repeatedly ensuring that my ego was trimmed to acceptable levels………well, thanks anyway.  Those those of you who have to live with me for the next few weeks, or until the news arrives……I’m sorry.  (just kidding)

I’m expecting to spend the time much like this:

(except with email)

One thought on “First story submitted

  1. aallisong

    LOL – your facial expressions sometimes look exactly like that!!! Good luck!

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