Friends…who are awesome

I’ve talked before about the “support group”.  They’re the people who help you as you write.  They don’t have to do much, but they can quickly become indispensable.  Your mom, reading your work without being critical.  Your sisters, telling you whether or not the jokes fall flat.  I’ve gone over this before.

But I left out some people.  I mostly just mentioned family.  There’s another section of that wonderful group.  I only know these people online, but they’re awesome.  The first is an excellent young lady who’s become my de facto sounding board for ideas.  She usually starts cutting me down to size, in preparation for my sisters to finish the job.  She’s also an excellent editor; she should probably be charging me, but she won’t…  For some strange reason, she’s also very enthusiastic about one of my epic fantasy stories.  No one else seems to be, but apparently she sees something in it.

The last person on this eclectic list is another “online” friend.  She’s the reason for this post.  I finished a sci-fi story recently and she volunteered to make me a cover for it.  My jaw hit the floor when I saw it and I’m betting your’s will too.

Incredible, right?


Tell me…what would I do without these guys?

3 thoughts on “Friends…who are awesome


    • Isn’t it though? I know her only as “Moriarty”; she’s quite talented, isn’t she?

      • Amazing cover. Yeah, it’s definitely important and wonderful to have such support.

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