Good reads, Goodreads, and good reads.

I know, I know.  The title looks silly.  But it DOES mean something.  There’s three things in that title, all of them bound together.  They’re the subject of today’s post.

A good read is tough to find, but I’ve had a lot of luck.  Most of the art of finding good books is to acquire them by word of mouth.  If a friend or acquaintance, or even a stranger, tells you how good a book was, it’s a good sign.  Even a favorable review is a kind of word of mouth endorsement.

Now, for those books that you stumble across, but have never heard of and nobody you know has read, you might think you’ll have to buy and read it to know if it’s any good.  Try Goodreads first, though.  You can find just about every book ever written on Goodreads, along with reviews, polls, and other information about it.  They even have a short-stories category!

Then, we have good reads.  A good read is when you sit down and have a nice, long, heart-to-heart talk with your book.  Usually the book does most of the talking.  A good read is when nobody bothers you for hours on end and you get to enjoy the book uninterrupted.  A good read is when you slam the book shut, sorry that it’s over, but knowing that the author has written lots of other stories.

Having explained the possible definitions of good reads, I will now reveal the purpose behind my playing dictionary.  I’m hoping to place some of my good reads on Goodreads, so you can have a good read.  It’ll happen soon, keep an eye out.

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