‘Hunter’ Fan Art Contest

The results are in.  (ooh, that sounds all official, doesn’t it?)  Yeah, you know which ones I mean.  The ‘Fan Art Contest‘ poll results came back 100% positive. Well, you’ve got that contest!

Hear that, artists?  Get out your pencils, paints, graphics programs, whatever your preferred medium is.  There’s fan art awaitin’!  The subject is anything in either of the two Hunter short stories currently available.  (And since they’re both free to read, there’s no reason NOT to!)  When I say anything, I mean ANYTHING.  If it’s in the story, you can enter your version of it into the contest.  Of course, you might want to pick something interesting. (if you want to enter fan art of the stick he tripped over on page twelve… be my guest, but don’t get your hopes up)

Now, you probably remember what the prize is to be, but just in case you don’t, let me re-cap.

The first prize entry (winners determined by a blind judging system) wins this handwritten page torn from one of Hunter’s diaries, as well as pre-release access to my soon-to-be released Hunter story ‘Make a Monkey Out of Me’.

Journal1#entryIt’s anybody’s guess just what all the damage came from, because Hunter isn’t talking.  I know; I tried to get it out of him.  (he wouldn’t even tell me in trade for a bottle of the good stuff)  What I CAN tell you is that the documentation that comes with it might shed some more light on the subject.  More importantly, those sketches look pretty familiar, don’t they?
IMG_2148I made it a black leather binding-strap. (from my bottomless supply of leather scraps).  I gotta confess, making this prize was super fun, even if slightly troublesome. I’m almost hoping nobody enters the contest, just so I can keep this ‘diary page’.  (almost).

Second prize is a leather-tasseled ‘Hunter’ bookmark, complete with a black leather protective cover, and pre-release access to ‘Make a Monkey Out of Me’.


With all that at stake, I think drawing this out any longer would be a recipe for disaster.  So, on to the contest!

Rules of the Game

1.  Original Fan Art ONLY.  No modifications of existing official Hunter artwork.

2. Fan Art must be based on either ‘Of Pockets and Arachnids’ or ‘Where Anglers Fear to
Tread‘.  (if you haven’t read them, I suggest you do so before starting your artwork)

3.  Entries are limited to one (1) entry per person.  If you want to replace your entry or correct it, email me about it.

4.  Entries must be submitted by May 4th.  No exceptions, in the interest of fairness.

5.  Since it’s Fan Art, artists and author both have a claim to it.  Neither party is allowed to use it commercially without permission from the other.

6. Entries will be judged in a blind system, meaning I’ll present the entries to at least five people I know (who won’t know anything about the contest or the people in it) and ask them to select their favorite entry.  Their top choice will win 1st prize and the runner up will win 2nd prize.


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