Hunter – Where Anglers Fear to Tread



Hunter – Where Anglers Fear To Tread

 Every job has its low season.  When that part of the year comes around, it’s time for Hunter to start taking the less-pay, more-work kind of contracts.  That doesn’t mean he has to like them.

This particular job fits that description perfectly.

Louisiana swamps are bad enough, but when you mix in one of the crazy-bubbles called “Pockets” and fillit with voracious fish and hordes of green lizards, the whole recipes makes twenty-six servings of trouble.  The biggest problem, however,  is the paycheck.  On a good day, Hunter can make ten grand an hour.

Today isn’t a good day; 1,500 dollars an hour is chicken feed, but it’s the best offer he’s going to get.  Time to go fishing.

post-apocalyptic adventure short – free-to-read


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