Independence Day Weekend – status update

Well, guys, summer is undeniably here, even for those of us who deny it as long as possible.  When July rolls around, even the most stubborn of us have to admit that the summer heat is melting us.  (those of us who are Texans, anyway)

To those of my readers in the U.S.A,  I had a good July 4th and here’s hoping you did, too.

Fireworks 15

As for today’s post, it occurred to me that I hadn’t done a status update in a while and the day after Independence Day was as good a time as any to do one.  (For the sneaky-minded among you, no, there isn’t any subtle message hidden in my choice of day)

First off, Hunter’s Stories:

The new novel, Eye in the Storm, is rolling along splendidly, with many a surprise here and a pleasant shock there.  As one of my alpha readers says, though, the beasties in it are “even more scary than I [was expecting]”.  Not entirely a bad thing, given the kind of story it is.  Eye in the Storm hit 18K just this morning and should be well along to 25K by next Sunday.

I’ve got two short Hunter Stories in the works, Too Deep In and Indian Morning.  Indian Morning is the furthest along, though both have been severely neglected in the flurry of work on Eye in the Storm.

In other news:

Every Blade of Grass and Breaking Empire, my two fantasy novels (unrelated) are both on the back burner, but for those of you who have read bits and pieces of them, never fear.  They aren’t forgotten and certainly aren’t abandoned.

Well, that’s all for now, but keep an eye out.  Exciting developments (sneak peeks, free short stories) pop up on here all the time!


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