Inside the Creation of Hunter

Most of you (my regular readers, anyway) know Hunter.  He’s my favorite character that I’ve ever written and he seems to be the biggest hit with my readers, as well.  

He’s tough, fast, smart, and hilariously satirical, and he wears a leather trench-coat.  What else do we need to know, you might ask?  

Sketch of Hunter, done by my sister
Sketch of Hunter, done by my sister

Well…. not much, if you just want a good read.  However, I know that a certain reader would like to know more about the origins of Hunter.  And no, not his childhood story.  The origins of the idea for him.

When I was asked that last month, I really couldn’t answer it, because I had the idea for a very long time.  What I can do, however, is give you an idea of what the original idea-sketches of “Hunter” were like.

The very first Hunter sketch was dark.  Literally.  The Storm (I didn’t have a name for it at the time) had mucked up the world really, really badly.  For starters, at sundown, the sun just disappeared, completely.   No dusk, no nightfall, just daylight to pitch-black in seconds.  Hunter was perfectly at home in the dark, much like the animals he hunted.  In fact, in a couple of places, it seemed like he was uncomfortable in daylight. 

Another point where the sketches differ from the stories was Hunter’s appearance.  He didn’t wear a leather trench-coat at the time.   He did have his hat.  One of the grimmer descriptions involved his left eye, which was a fine shade of purple.  The reason for this was hazy, but it involved a Hunt gone bad, something about being bitten by a very nasty breed of desert spider.

Another sketch outlined what people thought of Hunter and also what the wizards were like.  The stories in their current form have Hunter as massively competent and his fellow Hunters respect him for it.  In the sketches, people were scared of him; I never did figure out exactly why.  The wizards were in the same sketch.  They were a lot more “wizardly”, more like the classic fantasy wizard.  Slightly more businesslike, but there was a lot of tea and dark rooms and impressively esoteric garbage running around in the story.

So, for those of you who have wondered about Hunter’s origins in my head (poor guy, stuck up there), there’s a little glimpse into the myriad failed stories I wrote about him before finally coming up with “Hunter – Of Pockets and Arachnids” which is the version of Hunter we all know. 

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