Is the Hunter Fan Art Contest a Go?

Alrighty; I’ve run this idea past a few people and it seems to be pretty popular.  Fan art is a pretty common thing and I thought it would be nifty to see some for the “Hunter” stories.  And since everybody likes a good contest, why not make it a fan art competition?


Some of my own Hunter fan art. Although… can an author really do ‘fan art’ of his own character? (click for larger view)

The competition was kind of a hazy idea, until yesterday, when I realized what the perfect prize for it could be.  Who’d like a torn-out page from Hunter’s very own diary?  Handwritten, showing signs of… something having attacked it, and signed by yours truly.  (That last part subject to whether Hunter will let me near his diary, that is)

Odds are, it’ll even have a sketch or two on it.  He runs into some pretty crazy things on his jobs and he likes to keep records of them.  Just in case somebody might ever pay him to Hunt those things.  You know how it goes; see it, forget about it, remember it, get paid to catch it…. Hunter-type stuff.

So, if you want a contest, say so!  Oh, and don’t forget to spread the word around; the more people interested, the better!

10 thoughts on “Is the Hunter Fan Art Contest a Go?

  1. If I could draw…..

    • Chesshire

      Same here Claire. 🙂 * Now this is a monkey, no no, that’s a tree! * 😀

      • haha! My picture of Hunter would probably be interpreted as a scary monster. 🙂

        • I know some people who would say that’s an appropriate interpretation…. XD

      • ROTFL This could be a problem…

    • Well, you COULD ask Joc to draw something and maybe she’ll share the prize with you, if it wins. XD

  2. *draws something that makes your average caveman seem like DaVinci, frowns, crumples it* Would graphic-designed fan art count? 😛

    • ROTFL. The only qualification is that it be “Hunter” fan art. XD XD

  3. Great idea! Would love to see what ideas emerge!! 🙂

    • So would I!! I know at least two people who REALLY need to enter it. 🙂

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