Well, guys, I’m back from my three day vacation and it appears that there wasn’t quite as large a dearth of posts as I had feared.  I did have internet and an iPad, so you got at least one decent post.

However, I have to say, you are about to get the real benefit of my trip, which didn’t make it into Monday’s post.  The iPad onscreen keyboard just wasn’t up to the challenge, so this post is going to be the interesting one.

On Monday night, I’d just come back from Istanbul.  No, silly, not THAT Istanbul!  That one is a little too far away.  No, the Istanbul I’m talking about is the Little Rock, Arkansas restaurant.  I really do wish that the “Istanbul – Mediterranean Restaurant” was much, much close to my hometown.  In fact, I wish it were within walking distance.

The food was excellent, not something that an adventurous eater would pass up.  The ‘cigar pastries’ were sublime, filled with mozzarella and feta cheese (the latter of which I love).  I wish I’d been able to try the Turkish coffee, which I have been dying to try for some time, but, alas, no such luck.

The best part was not the food, though.  It was the atmosphere.  Awesome little restaurant, it was.  It looked nice, cosy, almost a little hole in the wall, but not rundown as such places often look.  It was neat, tidy, cleverly decorated and the music playing was perfectly suited to the atmosphere.

If Istanbul were closer, I’d be in there every Saturday, writing away.  In the scant time between coming in and being served, I wrote nearly two pages on a story that had previously been less than inspired.  If you live in, or visit Little Rock, don’t hesitate to visit.  And, you writers………..take your notebook.  This place is perfect.

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