Hey, guys this is my links page (as you can tell).  I don’t place a link on here unless I think the author really does deserve it and the content is worth reading.  Please, browse through, you might find something worth the visit.

Writer Links

Claire Banschbach’s blog
– author of Rise of Aredor.

Allison the Writer
– very funny and often insightful.

– the rambly, writerly musings of a fellow amateur (so far) writer.

Nate Philbrick
– whose website is full of snarky tips on writing.

John T. M. Herres
– another beginning writer of fantasy and sci-fi.

Jess Alter
– the Twitter account of Jess Alter, funny/writer/friend.

K. M. Weiland
– Author of how-to books for writers and several super-cool looking novels.

Needs to Be Said

The Literate Mother – because finding good, clean books is hard to do.