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I’ll be gone for a few days this week, so there won’t be as many posts as you guys are used to.  No help for it, but to salve the wound made by my absence, (no matter how insignificant it might be) I’m going to leave you some links to software, books, and sundry other items.  Hopefully, they’ll be enough to keep you entertained until I get back.


Okay, first we have the nifty software:

PiratePad – possibly one of the coolest bits of software made to date.  PiratePad is a co-op writing tool, allowing you to write, AT THE SAME TIME, with a fellow author.  The perfect co-authoring tool.

yWriter – the best tool I’ve found for organizing your writing in a satisfying manner.  It would be great for the person who writes scattered scenes and then pieces them together, or for the extensive pre-plotter. 

ZimWiki – the most amazing tool for keeping your details together.  Zim allows you to create a wikiepedia-style database, complete with in-text links to each and every page in the database.  I use it to keep track of my world-building for my fantasy worlds, of which there are many. 


For the books:

It goes without saying that the Lord of the Rings (starting with the first book) is a must-read for every fantasy author.  Don’t leave your imaginary home without it.  Don’t copy it, but remember the lessons it can teach.

The Mistborn trilogy is a very fine example of world-building, right down to the last detail.  The surprise ending is one to die for, as well.

Those who haven’t seen it already, check out this fine new author’s first work: Rise of Aredor.  It’s a fast-paced, wild ride and those who stick with it will almost certainly be waiting eagerly for the sequel.


Sundry stuff:

See if this page isn’t quite handy to any and all writers: Scrivener Links

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