Milestones and Writing

Saturday, I logged back into my blog and Twitter after taking a a writerly leave of absence over Christmas Eve, Christmas, and the day after.

As usual, I did it with an internal wince, expecting to see my follower count to have dropped.  On the occasions where I took a break before, it was standard for my Twitter account to have dropped by five or ten people.  Imagine the surprise when I noticed that rather than decreasing, it had increased!  By three.  Enough to boost the total follower count over the 300 mark.

tree(A happy jig may or may not have been done at that point.  I could find a picture of a dancing hamster for you, but I won’t.  Ever.  Period. You will never see a dancing hamster on this blog.)

Now, for some of you, with hundreds, or thousands of followers, that may not seem like much, but let me illustrate my perspective real quick.

When I started my blog, back in March of this year, I had exactly this many followers: zero.  Okay, that’s not completely true.  I had some friends from a previous social writer’s site, Figment, but only about 3 of them who followed my work with any real interest.  For those of you who don’t know Figment, my line of novel is a comparative anomaly on that website.

So, in ten months, I’ve built up my writing from an absolute “who-the-heck-wrote-this” to “hey-I-might-have-heard-of-this-guy-on-Twitter” status.  Sure, 301 followers isn’t a massive number in the world of novelist’s media, but it sure is 301 followers more than I had this time last year!

(Oh, and it seemed pretty apt that the 300 mark was broken the day after Christmas.)

To everyone who follows (or even just keeps an eye on my blog), thanks very much!  To whoever that 300th person was; you made my day, the day after Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Milestones and Writing

  1. ” You will never see a dancing hamster on this blog.”

    There is a society of power-hungry hamsters who may not agree…. Remember Gussy Louise?

    • LOL. I don’t think I’ve ever read that before. I’m now terrified of hamsters, thank you very much. -_-

      Where did you come up with THAT? XD

      • Actually, my friend thought of the idea. 😀 But I expanded upon it and made it crazier!

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