Never say never!

Well, chaps, Clarkesworld turned me down, so it’s time to go looking for someone else.  After a bit of “fishing” on the web (man, that sounds weird), I discovered that there aren’t many magazines that publish urban-fiction.  My Hunter stories are technically urban-fiction, even though I’ve tossed a bit of sci-fi in there.

After fishing some more, I discovered that publishes just about every kind of sci-fi or fantasy, provided it’s really well written.  I don’t know if Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me qualifies (I hope it does), but it’s worth a shot.  The email went off two hours ago.

Given that Tor is a pretty big deal and they publish some pretty hot stuff (in conjunction with their cousin, Tor Books), I figured it was worth the risk of rejection.  Their contract is a sweet deal and getting published by them would certainly help my work “get out there”.

Lucky streak, don’t fail me now!  Wait, what’s that?   I don’t HAVE a lucky streak?  Well, get one, fast!

Erm, uh, ignore the above, would you? My imaginary assistant and I were talking, you weren’t supposed to listen.

Anyway, wish me luck on this second attempt at submission.  It’ll might be a while before I know whether they’ll take it or not.  The Tor submission page says they might take up to nine months.  Since you won’t get to read Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me until Tor accepts or rejects it, prepare yourself for a long wait.  Fortunately for you, though, I’m working on another Hunter story, which will go straight to my “free-to-read” page.  And there it will remain, never to leave.

Give me a few weeks, though.  Hunter isn’t a demanding taskmaster, but my conscience is.  I’d hate to have you read a miss-spelled word……….

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