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Since it’s been a little while since you guys got a new post, I decided to show you something I think is kind of nifty.   My main typewriter ran out of ink the other day, which allows me to do this:


My typewriter is a 80’s or 90’s version, which uses a plastic ribbon with powdered ink on one side.  The type-heads hit the ribbon, slamming the ink into the paper, then advancing the ribbon to reach the next unused space.  This means three things.  First and worst, you can’t rewind the ribbon and reuse it like you could with the older typewriters.  Second, it means you can read what you typed (from the ribbon!).  Third, it means when I’m done with the ribbon cartridge, I can pull the ribbon out and tape it to a piece of paper.  Ta-da!

It’s a very cool way to commemorate hitting milestones in a book.  It also serves to remind me how expensive these ribbon cartridges are….

So, have a look at what a little creativity can do with a used ink-ribbon.  (I know, Mom, my spelling and grammar in the first draft is horrible.  I assure you, I’m very upset about it, too)


I’m seriously considering doing this with the ribbon from the very last paragraph of the book and framing it.  It would look very cool.

*a nifty side note on this particular type of ink-ribbon.  Before computers, when typewriters were still in use anywhere neat pages were needed, the ones that used ink-ribbons like this weren’t allowed in government, business research-and-development, etc.  When the ribbons got thrown out, you could read everything that was typed on them.  Cool, huh?  Now, I just gotta go burn my old ones…. Hunter is still stamped ‘Top Secret’*

3 thoughts on “News of Nifty Stuff

  1. That’s pretty neat! 😀

  2. That is seriously cool! 🙂

    • Thanks very much! The idea has got several people’s attention.

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