Picking Up An Old Story

About a year ago, I posted a prologue sneak peek of an epic fantasy I had started writing.  However, I dropped it not long after, since the first chapter just didn’t seem right.

Last week, I picked it up again and started reading.  Amazingly, it was better than I remembered it.  (Amazingly because WIPs usually sound worse after you leave them for a while)  Then, during an interview with a fellow author I happened to mention the prologue and she wanted to read it.  After the review she left on the prologue (just the prologue!!) I decided to repost the prologue.  The story is back on my ‘currently-under-construction’ list, so giving readers an idea of what’s in the works seemed a good idea!

‘Breaking Empire’ – The Prologue

(follow the link to read the full prologue)

3 thoughts on “Picking Up An Old Story

  1. T.O.B.T

    What does WIPs mean?

  2. T.O.B.T

    Ah, danke shon.

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