Possible Serial Novel Launch?

As most of my readers know, I’ve been writing and releasing the serial novel “Twicebound” for nearly a year now.  It’s still a long way from completion (totaling less than 30,000 words) and might run for several more years.

What most of my readers don’t know is that I’m planning a new serial novel.  It will run alongside “Twicebound” but in a very different genre.  However, the key difference will be that the new novel won’t be published in the same free-to-read format as “Twicebound”.  I’m planning to run it as a subscribe-to-read serial, at about the same price you’d pay for the standard trade paperback ($10.00) for a full year’s subscription.

It will be released on a weekly basis, with installments averaging 1,000 words each.  I’m still working out the delivery details, but it will probably be released as a PDF download.

The question YOU want answered, though, is “what is it about?”.  Rather than answer that right away, I’m going to let the anticipation sink in for a while first!  The only hint you get right now is the title and a teaser.  The title is:

“A Pawn Up My Sleeve”

We all play games.  That’s life.  Lots of little games all going at once.  Some of us play chess, others play poker, or backgammon.  Everyone turns life into the game of their choice.  Some of them even win at it.

Me… I stole the rulebook.  I don’t play the game, I play the players.  And I always win.

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  1. You’ve been tagged for the Sibling Hood of the World Bloggers. 😉

    • I saw! (haven’t taken it up yet, ’cause I’m really busy) I’m looking forward to doing it. 🙂

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