Potato flies, boredom, and writers

Weird title, huh?  Those of you who know me best may know what brought it about…. I’ll leave it to you to guess in the comments.

However, it DOES have some bearing (a ball-bearing, I think) on tonight’s post.  I’ve talked about it before; writer’s procrastination.  Yes, you read that ‘write’.  As you may know from an earlier post, I don’t believe in writer’s block.  (therefore, my ego decrees that you can’t believe it in either.  See how easy that was?)  Rather, I think all writer’s block is actually a misdiagnosed case of writer’s procrastination.

Anyway, on ways to get rid of writer’s procrastination: my favorite method is “SIT DOWN AND WRITE.  Don’t give me any of your whining, just do it!”.  That usually works with my more pathetic, lazy self.  Unfortunately, there are those days when the procrastination is a distinct lack of enthusiasm.  Even actually writing can’t always cure it.  When that happens, it’s still not writer’s block.  What is it?  Boredom.  I’m no longer interested in the story.

How to fix that?  Easy.  Find something UTTERLY boring to write about and try to make it interesting.  My choice?  Potato flies.  (fruit flies to those of you who have no potatoes)  Sit down and watch a swarm of them.  Catch about a thousand of them in a jar if you want.  And just watch them.  Then, pick up your writing instrument and start a story.  Potato fly wars.  Potato fly heroic sagas.  Potato fly civilizations.  Potato fly Age of Exploration. Potato fly Caesars. The possibilities are endless.

Devote thirty, forty minute to your flies. (an ant pile will also do, if you can’t find flies) Aim for a thousand words, minimum.  By the time you’re done, if you aren’t full of ideas and enthusiasm for your original story, it’s truly a lost cause.   Have fun!


In other news, the contest is still running.  If you’d like to get your entry up before Friday, hurry over to the contest post!  Even if you don’t want to enter, the other entries are both interesting and some of them funny.

3 thoughts on “Potato flies, boredom, and writers

  1. Potato fly wars…. Somehow, that seems Terry Pratchett-esque to me. Needless to say, I’m inspired! 😀 Now, should I leave those green apples out as bait for a potential dramatise personae for Book One of The Chronicles of the Potato Flies, or should I just use them in muffins (the non-flying kind) like I originally planned…? 😛

    • My recommendation? Use them in the Chronicles. It’ll be so much more interesting. 😀

  2. Squid

    I dunno’ some of the muffins I’ve made have turned out pretty interesting. 🙂

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