Procrastana… procrastina.. procra..

“Eh, I gotta find a dictionary to figure out how to spell that.  But I’ll do it later…..”

That right there is the definition of procrastination.  It’s a writer’s worst enemy.  There’s ALWAYS something more important to do than write. Upon very rare occasions, the urgency is legitimate.  More often, it’s fictitious.

Procrastination is murder on your authorial habits.  It can be insidious (Facebook, Twitter, online “research”) or blatant (I think I hear someone at the door).  Either way, get rid of it!  Writer’s block?  Doesn’t exist.  Writer’s procrastination…. yup.  And it’s standing right behind you.  Want to dodge it?

Get out your pen, or pencil, typewriter, or word-processor and WRITE.  No excuses.  Give me 500 words NOW.  I don’t care if it does sound like “oatmeal” as Mr. William Zinsser would say. You can add sugar, raisins, cream, anything, AFTER you write it.  Now, get moving!

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