Reporting From the Front

It’s been a while since the last report on the doings behind the scenes, so I decided I’d send one your way.

Possible12#First (and most importantly) “Thundercrest” is in the midst of being edited. The red ink is flowing, but fortunately not as much as I feared.  My editor isn’t pulling any punches, but the hard grind of writing it seems to have paid off. I’ve received very little criticism of the story, as far as major changes go.  Most of the complaints from beta-readers have been about phrasing and not much of that, anyway.

I’m hoping to have a proof paperback sometime in December, with final proof and release-ready editions by January at the latest.  We’ll see; plans rarely survive contact with the enemy.  , Everything seems to be going smoothly so far, though.

The second item is “Hunter – Eye in the Storm“.  It’s coming along swimmingly, assuming I’m swimming in a riptide.  The story is hovering around 90K words or so, but the ending has decided it doesn’t want to be the ending.  It wants to be the middle and I’m having a dickens of a time talking it out of that.  With a little luck and a lot of pure stubborness (got plenty of that), I’ll tack the final paragraph on it sometime this month.

APUMScoverThird on the list is “A Pawn Up My Sleeve“, the new serial. I’ve already got subscribers, but I’m planning a promotion that I hope will boost subscriptions faster.  As it is, it’s already been worth the effort that’s gone into it.  Huey Spencewood is hilarious to write and I’m well ahead of the installment curve, with over 4,000 words to give me some breathing room.  Of course, if you drop by the webpage and buy a subscription, you’ll upgrade that to “breathing room and lunch money”.  Just saying…

HunterpagebuttonThe Hunter short story “Rock the Boat” has been in the works for over a year now, but it’s almost finished.  A huge part of the time has been spent procrastinating over writing the beastie in it, since it’s a pretty unusual one, but I think I’ve finally got it in workable form.  The story ran on longer than usual, so you’ll be getting a novelette rather than an actual short story.  More story won’t be a problem for anyone, right?

Header17-3On the end of the list, of course, is “Twicebound“.  Who DOESN’T want to hear about “Twicebound“?  As you probably know, I’ve been having a little trouble keeping up with it recently, but it’s pulled through.  Getting called in early for Saturday work at the coffee shop gets in the way of the publishing business.  I really should sit down and write half-a-dozen installments in one go so I’ll have them ready and waiting, but I just can’t find the time.  Regardless, “Twicebound” will continue coming out each Saturday, come rain, shine, snow, or piranhas.

3 thoughts on “Reporting From the Front

  1. Chesshire

    come rain, shine, snow, or piranhas. And even ghoulish, broccoli sucking wer-rabbits 🙂

  2. Do you get many piranhas over there? 😀 I’m thrilled Thundercrest will be available as a paperback soon! Even though I was a beta reader, I’m looking forward to having a copy of the finished article. It looks like you have many projects on the go at once, but I’m sure you’ll handle your writing time well and it’s always good to find Twicebound waiting in my inbox every Saturday! 🙂

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