Science-fiction and Me

“Today!  Today is the day for action!  We must rise up, rise up and…”

Whoa.  Hold on a sec.  Sorry about that.  Sometimes the epic fantasy writer in me gets carried away and starts scribbling all over the place.  Won’t happen again, I promise.

Okay, the real post for today is about science-fiction.  Specifically, my science-fiction.  Now, most of you who have read my work seem to prefer my science-fantasy stories in the Hunter world, but I DO write other things.

I have a penchant for science-fiction shorts, mostly because science-fiction is one of my favorite genres.  Writing sci-fi in short stories lets me play with ideas and inspirations, without having to commit to the long, demanding process of writing a full novel.  I started “Pyramid 76” while sitting in a coffee-shop a month ago and finished it (having worked on it off and on) today.  Despite the misgivings I had because of writing it in a pocket notebook (not my usual medium) I’m quite happy with it.

Now, some of my beta readers complained that “Pyramid 76” is too short, but I can’t tell if they mean it’s literally too short, or if they just hate having to finish it.  Hard to tell sometimes.  I’ll let you be the judge of that.  Without further ado (what the heck is an ‘ado’, anyway?) here’s your link and a little excerpt to whet your readerly appetite.

P76 cover

Excerpt from “Pyramid 76”

Technically, they were not his, but he always thought of them as such. They had been found in a block of ice in Pakistan. Carangy didn’t know who had discovered them, or how such a phenomenon had even been possible, but he didn’t much care. All the scientist was interested in was the challenge the little creatures presented. According to the evidence, the microbes had been completely frozen for several millennia, yet showed no signs of damage when thawed out.

 Like what you read?  Head on over to the Library and get the full story!

 *note-the only download currently available is .doc format.  for those of you with e-readers, don’t worry; I’ll be getting the e-book versions up soon*

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    I thought you wrapped the end of it up rather neatly. I got to the end and was like ” What! Hey, you can’t do this to me!”

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