Short Story Anthology Group!

For the last two months, a small group of authors has been working to create a team.  As part of that team, I’m happy to be able (after much preparation) to tell you about our new website!

scriptoriumbackgroundThe five of us put our heads together and created The Scriptorium Anthologies.  As you might expect, the main goal is to create short story anthologies, featuring work from each author.  The idea for the group started when we realized that since novels take time to write, our readers had to wait a long time for their next read.  After we coupled that realization with the fact that we all had short stories in our personal libraries, common sense practically screamed for an anthology.

With a team, the difficulties of creating a book are lessened, the most important of which is time.  With  five of us working to create short stories, we’ll be able to create an anthology on a given theme much faster than any one author working alone could.  Better yet, the flash fiction that will be available to read on the website while we write the anthology will keep the readers supplied with stories and the authors enthusiastic about new ideas.

There’s no concrete deadline for the first anthology yet, but we’ve got a plan, a theme, and stories to write!  While you’re waiting, though, there’s plenty to do.  You can check our individual websites, read the Scriptorium flash fiction, vote for the subject of the next flash fictions, read the site blog, and keep track of the group via Facebook or Twitter.  There’s even a vague rumor going around about some reader contests.

As for the question you’re all asking ( who are the authors involved?) here you are:

There’s Claire Banschbach, Nathalie London (who did an amazing job creating the Scriptorium website!), Stephanie Gregory, Allison Rose, and me.

And if that list doesn’t give you shivers of excitement (or at least shivers) maybe I should use a bigger font.

Read on!

6 thoughts on “Short Story Anthology Group!

  1. A great adventure 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Allison the Writer and commented:
    Check this out! It’s awesome! (Note to self – do a formal post about this later. :D)

  3. Awesome!! What will the readers contests be?

    • Not sure! We’ll be having a meeting sometime this week to discuss that. 🙂

  4. I’m having a great time working with you guys. This is an awesome project! 🙂

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