Well, guys, the apology for yesterday has to carry over for today, as well.  Not to such an extent, thankfully, but still in some measure.  My most recent short story now has quite a few more words, added to it over the course of the last two days, which is a good thing, indeed.  However, your next “WorldBuilder” post will have to wait until tomorrow, at least, possibly even the next day.

I spent most of today helping a neighbor build a chicken-pen, something which I have extensive experience in (unfortunately) and he had none at all (unfortunately, again).  Tomorrow will probably be spent on school and on writing, with a possible good forecast for the blog.  Hard to say as of yet.  A chap learns something new every day, but all of my learning today was relegated to the fields of wild-life and chickens, not writing.  A writer has to expand his horizons, no?

I can say with certainty that the short story “Hunter-Make a Monkey out of Me” will be done in a few days.  I’ll be sending it to a magazine at first, but if it doesn’t make it, the Hunter will be making a new appearance on here.  Typing up his stories are the “bread and butter” of my writing.  It’s  fun, engaging, highly amusing, and it’s what keeps me going.  Breaking Empire and my other high fantasies are my favorites, but Hunter refreshes my love of writing.  Him and whatever hapless animal he’s after.

On the last note of the day, I’m adding a “Links” page, the first link of which leads to a blog that you really should check out.  Just a suggestion.

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