Status report; blood-coffee content is low…shut-down imminent

Alrighty, guys!  Since the last report, nearly four weeks ago, I haven’t said much about what I’ve been working on.  Sure, you’ve heard plenty about what I’ve finished, what I’ve submitted to magazines, etc, but that’s not really much, is it?  Today’s report has some good news and some bad news, but I’ll let you sort out which is which.

Lifter – 2nd draft complete at 5,468 words.  Trying to decide whether to submit it to a sci-fi mag or to place it free-to-read in the Library.  Got a VERY cool cover made for it by a friend.  Also, converted to two separate e-book formats!

Hunter – Make a Monkey Out of Me – Finished.  Submitted to Clarkesworld (rejected) and (waiting).

Hunter – Too Deep In (originally “Thirty Miles In”) – Temporarily abandoned in favor of “Hunter – Where Anglers Fear To Tread”.

Hunter – Where Anglers Fear To Tread – 1K as of last night.  Going strong! 1st draft should be finished this week.  This one goes straight to free-to-read, people!

Hunter (General) – My sister is working on covers for my Hunter stories.  You’ve seen the sketch of Hunter, which will go on every story, but it will be accompanied by an appropriate sketch of whatever beastie he happens to be Hunting at the time.  She’s currently working on a spider for the cover of “Hunter – Of Pockets and Arachnids”, which can be found in the Library.  I’m hoping to have “Of Pockets and Arachnids” available in both .mobi and .epub format soon, for those of you with e-readers.

Every Blade of Grass – still pending 4th edit. I think I need to go bribe my editors…

Breaking Empire, From Every Mountain – both on hold.  “Hunter” stories are taking precedence at the moment.  Don’t worry, though, they’ll be finished at some point.


So, guys, there’s the proof.  I HAVE been doing writerly things recently, though I HAVE slacked off a little bit.  Non-writing things have gotten in the way somewhat, but I’ve persevered and am once more firmly ensconced, pen (well, keyboard) in hand.

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