Status reports – August 6th

Status reports… ah, the lifeblood of the red-tape system.  They’re also the perfect way to procrastinate.  And you know me… I could be President of Procrastinators United, if I didn’t have something else that needs doing.

So, without further ado (what the HECK is an “ado”, Shakespeare, old fellow?) here’s the status report on my writing.


Hunter stuff:

Ah, Hunter… the lifeblood of my writing.  Okay, enough with sentimentality!  Let’s get down to numbers!

The short story “Indian Morning” is stalled out due to an troublesome plot and work on other projects.  It is NOT, however, abandoned.

The short story for the contest, “Rock the Boat“, hit 500 words today and should be finished by the end of the month, as promised.

The full novel, “Hunter – Eye in the Storm” is moving along swimmingly and reached 32K day before yesterday.  According to alpha-readers, it’s quite good, but I’ve been informed that they won’t give a definite opinion until I finish the book.

Other Writing:

Breaking Empire” is back on my “working” list.  I just couldn’t stand the idea of such an awesome plot mouldering in my “to-do” file.  It’s been hauled out and is now sitting on my desktop, being read through.  It’s going to undergo some really drastic changes, but the plot should remain essentially the same.

Every Blade of Grass” and it’s associated stories are on the back burner for now, primarily since certain unnamed editors are dragging their feet on the copy-edit.  Since they have EXCELLENT excuses and I’m working on Hunter these days, I’m not going to press the issue.  *hint, hint*


So, as a certain porcine character would say, th… th… that’s all folks!

If you just HAVE to have something to read, head over to my library and download one of my short stories!  If you’ve already read all three of them… well, there ARE more on the way, even if it has been a long wait.

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  1. Procrastinators, unite … er, sometime next week or somethin’…!

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