Status Update: September

Before you take a swing at me (or whatever the digital equivalent is) let me explain.  You lot haven’t gotten any new posts for a while, because I’ve been writing, quite busily.  Hopefully, the promise of new stories will keep you from plotting something nasty to me.

“Hunter – Eye in the Storm” hit 69, 400 words today, which means I’m within 5-15K of my word-goal.  I’m not sure exactly how many words it will end up being, but I don’t think the original mark of 75K is going to be quite enough. With any luck, though, it should be done some time by the middle of October.  That means that the second draft will be ready for beta readers by the end of that month.  One word for that; wheee!!!

The Hunter short I promised last month, the one that had the contest attached, fell behind.  That’s mostly due to “Eye in the Storm”, but it’s also partly due to the fact that the story didn’t feel quite right.  Once I’m done with the first draft of “Eye in the Storm” I’ll be finishing that short story.  Keep an eye out; it should be worth the wait.

In a slightly different arena (and one I’ve never entered before) is a short story I’m calling “Pyramid 76”.  It’s a science-thriller of sorts, basically an experiment in the fascinating world of writing about scientific research for nefarious means.  It’s actually quite fun, primarily because I only work on it every Thursday night at the local coffee shop.

Finally, and possibly most interesting to readers, a friend suggested that I run a serial story on this blog.  (Please, comment on this, people!?!) After my initial amusement, which I quickly stifled, the idea started to sound like it might be three things: interesting, challenging, and a whole lot of fun.  From her (my friend) point of view, those three things are slightly different; steady reading, a good story, and license to insult my writing publicly.  (okay, so that last bit might be creative liberty on my part)  And the best part is, I already have the perfect story for this sort of thing.  It’s the novella (never done one of THOSE before) that I’m calling “Cut and Run”.  Not to give anything away…. but it’s about a group of specially trained soldiers who find out their commanding officer is more concerned with shining results  than the casualty count.  Sound interesting?

Well, that’s all for the present, but keep an eye out.  New stories should be forthcoming soon.

4 thoughts on “Status Update: September

  1. Squid

    A serial sounds like a really good idea. It will also keep readers content till “Eye in the Storm” is finished. 🙂 Go for it!

    • I agree! I’d love to see a serial. 🙂

      Based on my own experiences, I’d recommend writing several “episodes” of your serial in advance and posting them out one by one over a duration of time. It takes a little of the pressure out of making sure there’s a new addition to the story posted every week, month, etc.

      • Thanks for the thoughts, guys! I appreciate it.

        @Allison; I appreciate the tips! “Cut and Run” is a novella I’d been working on already, so some of the pressure is already off there. 😉

  2. Squid

    I don’t know if this matters since it’s just ( well not JUST;) ) a serial on your blog, but there is already a book published with the same title. JSYK

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