Story and a Post

Hallo, guys!   Good stuff happening today.   Well, several good stuffs, but I’ll tell you about ’em one at a time.

First off, t’morrow is my birthday, so I’m going to treat myself to a new book, though I’m not yet sure which one.   Just as long as it’s one I haven’t read, it’ll be all good.  That means a trip to the bookstore, which doesn’t happen often, mostly because the nearest bookstore is 15 miles away and isn’t all that great in the first place.   So, wish me luck in my hunt for a good book, will ya?

Second, and most interesting to you guys, is that I finished a short story yesterday and polished it up today.  Which means you get to read it.  The genre is sort of mixed, a tiny hint of dystopia, a good dash of mercenary attitude, and little bit of magic.  This short story is the first in a hopeful series of such short stories, called “Hunter’s Tales”.  I’ll write a full novel someday, but for now I’m sticking to the shorts.

The third bit of news pertains to the second.  I was writing this short story, started it about a week ago, and left it in the typewriter on the kitchen table.  Oddly enough, by the time I got back to it, to write the last quarter of the story, everybody in the house had read it (nosy, huh?) including my mother.  Now for the good bit.  My mom is usually fairly interested in my writing, always encouraging and helpful in her criticisms.  I always appreciate it a lot and so I ask her to read it.

This time, though.  She was actually ASKING me to finish the short story.  When I printed it this morning and gave it to her, she informed me that it was her favorite of all that I’d written.  Wow.  Now that short story was worth the effort, wouldn’t you say?

So, here’s the short story: Hunter’s Tales – Of Pockets and Arachnids.  Enjoy!

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