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I was casting about (in my head) for ideas.  Specifically, ideas for a new blog post.  Then, it hit me; it’s been a while since we had a status update.  Various things are to blame for that, but they’re beside the point.  The point being that I’ve got at least two new short stories in the works and some interesting developments in the “Hunter – Eye in the Storm” novel.

Those of you who frequent the blog know I finished “Pyramid 76” recently.  Since it was so recent, though, I figure some details about it still belong in here.  The best part is, everyone who’s read it so far enjoyed it enough to complain that it was too short.  Also, the emotional “punch” I wanted to impart came through quite well and fully up to expectations.  My alpha reader is still mad at me for the way it ended. (Win!)  So, with those revelations, if you’d like to try it, the e-book version is available.  Enjoy!

In more writing related updates, I’ve started… three new short stories… I think.  It might be four.  You’ll just have to wonder about that for a while; I’ve got to keep SOME secrets, right?

To start with, with the completion of “Pyramid 76” I’ve got a new coffee shop story. (ie, the story I write on Thursdays at the local coffee shop stop)  The new story, with the working title of “Thundercrest” is a historical-revision sci-fi.  In short, it’s a science-fiction with the premise that WW2 never ended after the Nazis were defeated.  More than that, you’ll have to wait to learn, but I will say that it appears this story is turning from a short story into a novella.

Alongside “Thundercrest” a new sci-fi is building up.  This one (working title ‘Strikeback 7.0’) is a pure science fiction, all space ships, future warfare, and extra-Earth societies.  So far, all I’ve got is a short prologue, but is has promise.  I’ll admit, the premise of the story may be slightly cliche, but the possibilities for it are endless.

The Hunter short story I’ve been promising, the one for which I ran a “creature contest” several months ago, has been delayed several times now, but I promise I’m working on it.  With luck, it’ll be done before December.  It stalled out at first because it just didn’t sound “Hunter-ly”.  The scenery, attitude, and plot didn’t feel right, so I let it drop for a while. Then, in a sudden (painful) burst of inspiration, I showed it to my alpha reader and asked her opinion. That turned out to have been the best thing I could have done; she pointed out that it was only natural that Hunter not feel right, because the story takes place in a locale that Hunter hates.  Specifically, on board a ship.  Hunter HATES ships, which, as she pointed out, makes him cranky.  Once I realized that, the story started falling back into place.  I’ve just never written a Hunter story in which he is completely out of his element.  Armed with this knowledge, I’m plunging back into the perilous world of “Hunter – Rock the Boat”.

Lastly, and most importantly, comes “Eye in the Storm”.  Yes, it’s been a while since we had one of our “10K sneak peeks”.  There are a couple of reasons for that, none of them particularly good.  However, I’m back on track with the novel and it’s coming along splendidly.  The last few chapters have gotten a little bloody, however, so ‘splendidly’ might not be the word  my characters would use.  (wink, wink)  Give me a day or two, and you’ll have your sneak peek.  Also, speaking of “10K” the word count is rapidly approaching 80K and the story is showing no signs of slowing down.  That means there’s a good chance it’ll end up being close to 90-95K instead of the projected 75K.  This is a good thing, especially since I wasn’t expecting to be able to write that much action, but also because 20K extra leaves me a LOT of trimming room.  Having a lot of leeway for editing cuts is actually quite comforting, believe it or not.  One of the biggest concerns new writers have is whether their book is long enough.  As a new writer, I’m no different, especially with Hunter.  Having plenty of words I can cut away in editing without making the novel too short is a good thing.

That’s the last of the updates, so I’ll leave you with this thought; writing is tons of fun.

2 thoughts on “Story updates

  1. Sounds like your busy!! Looking forward to the potential 10k sneak peak of Hunter, though! 🙂

    • Quite busy, yes. Unfortunately, not all of it is with writing! School, part-time job, and family stuff all cuts into writing time. (Also, getting sick two weeks ago really killed the momentum on “Eye in the Storm)

      Glad you’re looking forward. EIS is getting QUITE interesting. 😉

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