Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Nine – Part One

Eddie thought about being bored.  Not that he was, but he figured he should be, so he considered it.  He also considered being scared, but since he already was, there didn’t seem to be much point in thinking about it.  A mere half an hour of interrogation had convinced Colonel Bosze that Eddie didn’t know […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Eight – Part Three

The programmer watched his companion stow the last of the boring equipment on the trailer. Grease and drilling mud were spattered everywhere, closer to the computer expert’s delicate laptop than he liked, but the geologist knew what he was doing.  Getting into the Sandglass computer vault would have been next to impossible without him. Steel […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Eight – Part One

The Sandglass facility’s supercomputer room was two stories below the STAd room, cut into the bedrock below the foundations.  The underground room was designed to solve two problems; cooling and security.  Deep, buried limestone helped dissipate the heat generated by the massive computer and sealed off the sensitive information on it from the rest of […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Seven – Part Three

 Bosze rubbed his eyes, not for the first time, and glared at Armelle. “Look, we’ll let you go if you just talk!” “We both know that’s not true, Colonel. I’m the only time-traveler you have.  Even if you trusted me, you still wouldn’t let me leave here.”  Armelle’s head was on her crossed arms on […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Seven – Part Two

The Sandglass facility’s cells were almost comfortable and familiar.  It was as if the prison block was the one steady point in the unpredictable shifting as the three of them shifted gears on time without a clutch. They always seemed to end up back in the cells. Vančura leaned back against the wall and pulled […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Six – Part Three

“Le’s go, Armelle.”  Eddie glanced around, taking in the scene in his slow way.  His gaze lingered on Vančura for a moment, then he walked to the STAd and stepped onto the platform. “Gotcher beamer, Scotty?” The big man gave him a slight smile and nodded to Benwright.  “Send him back.  One minute later than […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Six – Part Two

“What was that?” Benwright was staring at the satellite screen, wide-eyed, but the confusion was rapidly fading from his face.  The dust had settled around the destroyed buildings, but black billows of smoke still obscured the image.  Vančura glanced at Armelle, then up at the screen, before answering. “That was an unprotected STAd going into […]