Twicebound: Chapter Twenty – Part One

“Look, we’re not the bad guys here.” Vančura leveled a cynical gaze at the colonel, then raised his wrists and rattled the handcuffs. “These restraints would indicate otherwise. Bosze didn’t look amused.  In fact, he looked more than a little irate. “You did break into a secure government testing facility and monkey with a highly  […]

Twicebound: Chapter Eighteen – Part One

““Get ready to go, now!” Armelle’s shout startled Eddie, but Vančura was already moving. He grabbed Eddie’s shoulders and hauled him toward the STAd, glancing over his shoulder as they went. “What’s wrong?” She didn’t stop typing, but the set of her shoulders looked strained. “They set an alert on the console.  Start up the […]

Reporting From the Front

It’s been a while since the last report on the doings behind the scenes, so I decided I’d send one your way. First (and most importantly) “Thundercrest” is in the midst of being edited. The red ink is flowing, but fortunately not as much as I feared.  My editor isn’t pulling any punches, but the […]

Twicebound: Chapter 17 – Part 3

There was a deep whir as the STAd powered up, accompanied by the click of computer keys as Armelle tapped away at the console. “Do you need to ask?” “Yup.  You knows ‘ow t’ work this thing?” She made an exasperated noise, then realized Eddie was deliberately taunting her. “Yes, I know how to work […]

New Serial Novel!!!

There’s a new serial novel on the block, people.  “A Pawn Up My Sleeve” is the most recent story to hit the bits and bytes of this blog.  With the readership “Twicebound” is enjoying (and with how much I’m enjoying writing it), I decided to take the serial novels a step further. Here’s the blurb […]

Writing Safari 2#: Starting Out

Writing Safari 2# Starting Out Once you’ve got all your gear together and you’re ready to get going on your literary safari.  You’re ready for the hunt, ready to face even the fiercest phrase in its natural habitat. Before you set out, however, your guide gives you some tips to keep you alive and tapping […]

Twicebound: Chapter 17 – Part 1

“You don’t look much like a scientist. Are you sure this will work?” Armelle gave Vančura a scornful look and finished buttoning her lab coat. It didn’t quite fit, but no-one would notice, unless they looked closely. “I look a lot more like a scientist than you do, that’s for sure. Stop standing like that!” […]

Writing Safari 1#: Preparations

  Most people think writing is like falling off a bike; it’s easy and everybody can do it.  Frankly?  They’re right.  It’s easy (if you know how to type or use a pencil) and everyone can do it (assuming basic reading/writing skills). Of course, writing doesn’t necessarily mean good writing.  Being able to write competently […]

Twicebound: Chapter 14 – Part 3

Eddie’s satisfied expression didn’t last long.  Several seconds went by, then it slipped.  Several seconds after that, his eyes opened and he looked at Armelle nervously. “Where we goin’?” Her pause was enough to let his mental gears click into place with a rusty howl. “No! Lemme outta here!!” With an amused grunt, Vančura pushed […]

Possible Serial Novel Launch?

As most of my readers know, I’ve been writing and releasing the serial novel “Twicebound” for nearly a year now.  It’s still a long way from completion (totaling less than 30,000 words) and might run for several more years. What most of my readers don’t know is that I’m planning a new serial novel.  It […]