Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Two – Part Three

Eddie had gotten as close as he could to the display and was studying the photo intently. “I thought y’said y’got Benwright and d’Colonel ta trust you. If’n dat’s so, how’d he ennup in a truck in China?” “I also said that neither of them saw the attack coming.  Bosze’s superiors were furious when he […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty Two – Part One

Vančura accepted a cup of black coffee from Bosze, then leaned back in his chair contentedly. “It seems the STAd is much more durable than you give it credit for.  I don’t know if it’s the mathematics or the materials, but it will keep working long after theory says it should have failed catastrophically.” He […]

Twicebound: Chapter Twenty – Part One

“Look, we’re not the bad guys here.” Vančura leveled a cynical gaze at the colonel, then raised his wrists and rattled the handcuffs. “These restraints would indicate otherwise. Bosze didn’t look amused.  In fact, he looked more than a little irate. “You did break into a secure government testing facility and monkey with a highly  […]

Twicebound: Chapter Nineteen – Part Three

The hallways of the Sandglass facility were conspicuously dim, lit only by widely spaced emergency bulbs.  The STAd room had been fully powered on, but it seemed to be the only room in the building that was. “What’s with the lights, Benwright?  It’s like a cave in here.” The tech shrugged. “The building’s been cut […]

Twicebound: Chapter Nineteen – Part 2

“Benwright?” The laugh rolled around the chamber again. “Got it in one.  You two are right on time and sharp as tacks.  Good to see the trip didn’t scramble you too badly.  Vancura didn’t know if you’d gotten through un-harmed.” The technician rested his elbows on the railing of the second story balcony and grinned […]

Twicebound: Chapter 17 – Part 2

“Do you really want to tell Benwright he’s going to have to explain to the Colonel that some no-name guard wouldn’t let me test the shunt capacitors on the STAd before the test tomorrow?” The guard winced, but more from Armelle’s strident tone than anything else. “I got my orders…” Her voice got louder. “Look, […]

Twicebound: Chapter 16 – Part 3

The guards kept a careful eye on the ‘prisoners’ and shook Vančura’s hand as he passed. People with presidential approval were just unusual enough to keep the guards from paying quite as much attention as they should have. One of the things they didn’t pay attention to was the big man’s appalling lack of credentials. […]

Twicebound: Chapter 16 – Part 2

Eddie didn’t know where Vančura had gotten the handcuffs, but he didn’t much care, either.  The fact that they were on his wrists at all was very bad thing and he didn’t have the processing capacity to concentrate on anything.  It gave him hives just thinking about it.  For the hundredth time, he scowled at […]

Twicebound: Chapter 16 – Part 1

Armelle stared up at the concrete block that housed the Sandglass project. “Wow.” Still pleased with himself from his successful bit of verbosity, Eddie smirked at her. “Whatsup?” “This place just gets uglier every time you see it, doesn’t it?  You’d think they’d want a top-secret facility to be inconspicuous.  This thing is so ugly […]