The Author’s Dilemma (And What You Can Do About It)

Every ‘professional’ author has an internal debate  (some more than others).  For some, it’s a one-time argument.  For others, it’s a recurring discussion, almost to the point of being an on-going row.  The subject of the argument? “Do I write what I want to write – what I SHOULD write – or do I write […]

Writing Safari 2#: Starting Out

Writing Safari 2# Starting Out Once you’ve got all your gear together and you’re ready to get going on your literary safari.  You’re ready for the hunt, ready to face even the fiercest phrase in its natural habitat. Before you set out, however, your guide gives you some tips to keep you alive and tapping […]

Writing Safari 1#: Preparations

  Most people think writing is like falling off a bike; it’s easy and everybody can do it.  Frankly?  They’re right.  It’s easy (if you know how to type or use a pencil) and everyone can do it (assuming basic reading/writing skills). Of course, writing doesn’t necessarily mean good writing.  Being able to write competently […]

FreeStyle Writing Challenge

Lauren Gunter, of “Making the Novel a Better Place”, nominated me to join in a FreeStyle Writing Challenge last week.  It’s a pretty interesting idea and I needed a post for Tuesday, so I took up the challenge. Here are the rules of the Freestyle Writing Challenge: Open a blank document. Set a stop watch […]

Writing For Readers

That’s what we do.  We write our novels, our short stories, our flash-fictions, all of it… for readers.  We write for ourselves, too, but if it was just us, we’d never need to put it on paper. If we were just writing because we love to write, we’d get half-way through the novel and stop, […]

Why You Shouldn’t Edit Your Own Book

You heard me.  Even if you’re an independent author without enough liquid funds to hire an editor, don’t edit your own work. At least, not right away.  The biggest advantage an editor has is perspective. They don’t have any stake in the book they’re about to edit, no emotional attachment to unnecessary characters and scenes, […]

Updates: Contest and Novella

It’s been a while since the last general update, so I decided Tuesday needed one.  (After all, what else has Tuesday got going for it?) To start with, the Hunter Fan Art Contest has been running for almost two weeks now and has one week to go. (the deadline has been extended to Monday)  I’m […]

Old-Fashioned… for a reason?

Yeah.  I know.  Most of us, devoted computer fanatics that we are, had an allergic reaction just reading the title of this article.  Yes, computers have moved mankind’s “quality of life” into a new age.  Yes, modern cars go further on less gas, cleaner than before, and quieter.  Sure, our cell phones tell us who’s […]

Writing realistic characters

Has anyone ever complained that your characters are flat, or “one-dimensional”?   Or maybe that they’re just “not interesting”?  It happens to a lot of writers, regardless of their experience. Now, the first thing you have to realize is that “one-dimensional” is an extremely mis-used word.  It does NOT mean boring, or without hidden aspects.  It […]